A sighting from the skies of LA

Looking out from my window seat, I see the seemingly glamorous night lights of LA. Some small movement catches my eyes – a highway worm. It glows with a warm yellow light, and slowly swims across the city. As more cars join the steady crawl, or the occasional car pulls away into a side road, it occurs to me that the people of this city have unknowingly created this strange creature and will continue to feed it daily at the unofficially agreed time of evening rush hour. The worm then comes to a languid stop at some some insignificant point along the road and my eyes shift to the next highway where another worm is on the move – though this one glows a somewhat more urgent red and seems to move quicker than its longer, brighter cousin on the previous highway. As the seat beat sign lights up, I wonder if I too will one day join the communal worm feeding in some global city like the one below me.

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