Decisions for Summer

I went for a drive with a friend the other night. I hadn’t talked to her for a while, we hadn’t really had much time for each other this semester. It was nice though to see an old friend again. I’d forgotten how comfortable our friendship was.

We talked about the little things that were worrying us – growing up, finding our place in the big bad world, making mistakes, getting our hearts broken, doing something meaningful with our lives.

I made a decision that night, and hopefully blogging about it will motivate me to stick with it.

I made a decision to learn to let myself take risks and fall. I want to learn to love again, not the sappy romantic once-in-a-lifetime kind, but the everyday kind we all share with the people around us, with our family and friends but most of all with ourselves. I want to find out what it really means to love yourself before you can love others. How I’ll get there I’m not yet sure.

I want to:

– figure out what I like, and find my creative side.

– figure out how to get to who I want to be.

– learn to laugh at myself

– share more of myself

– make my mother happy, my father proud, and help my sister achieve her dreams

– become closer with my step-sister and step-mother

wake up each morning excited to face the day.

Habits I want to build this summer:

* Continue writing creative pieces, and start posting opinion pieces

* Start running again regularly

* Tell at least one person I love them everyday

* Attempt one new recipe each week

My summer bucket list:

* Get my P’s and drive out somewhere for a day trip alone

* Visit an art gallery alone

* Read Kafka by the Shore in Japanese


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