The problem with problems

When trouble arises, we are always quick to cry out about the injustice, about how we should not need to do something or other, about how whatever it is should not have happened in the first place.

We kick up a fuss because reconciling ourselves with the idea, that sometimes we do not know everything, is more difficult that we would care to admit. Sometimes we simply have not yet found the solution. In this case, it is much easier to insist the problem is not our responsibility than to admit that we need help.

However, at the end of all that, our problems are still there – no matter how you try to bury it or mask it; or embellish it or distort it; or belittle it amongst other more worldly problems.

It should not be so difficult to face our problems. Surely, once one accepts that they know nothing, one can try anything at all.


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