Thank You from Tomorrow

An open letter of sorts to people whose choices I have been hurt by. I can’t seem to make the words come together less awkwardly, but that’s okay. Life is an awkward sort of thing.


Today, a choice was made.

Today, I am sad and shedding tears,

Today, my heart was broken

and so, today, I might not understand you dear.

But dear,

Please do not despair for me.

Please, you need not hurt for me.


Tomorrow, I will understand my dear.

Tomorrow, my heart will heal and that you loved me will be clear.

and tomorrow, I will thank you for being sincere.

So please dear,

Keep walking and ignore my cries.

Tomorrow, we will both be happy.

I used to wonder if my parents felt guilty about the divorce, if they cared about how it affected me, but in the end they were just two people who couldn’t find a way to make it work. Whether they tried hard enough, or if a solution existed, that’s not really important to me. It’s sad, but I believe they both sincerely believed that separating was for the best. Perhaps it was a mistaken belief, but I how can I begrudge them that? And really, what use is there in judging their decisions against the metric of hindsight?
I believe that they were sincere and honest in their choice, that it was not cowardly or selfish, simply because I love them and I trust they love me.
In these situations, does the “truth” really hold any value? Or rather, does an objective truth even exist? What truth is not coloured by the lenses we see the world through? And is tomorrow’s truth inherently less worthy than today’s?


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