Sleepless nights with the MSO

So I was planning to get an early-ish night tonight, but then I started talking about the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s 2013 season with my best friend and my wishlist of concerts. The list keeps getting longer and longer:

Frozen Planet in Concert

Tan Dun Martial Arts Trilogy

Vive La France

Beethoven for Winds

Appalachian Spring

The Rite of Spring

Elgar’s Enigma Variations

Fantasia Live in Concert

I’m pretty set on Frozen Planet after watching the promo. It reminds me strangely of my late grandmother. When I was younger I read almost anything I could get my hands on, fiction and non-fiction. I remember one day coming across an animal encyclopaedia in a bookstore, complete with a glossy pages of animal photos and a hardcover, and wanting it desperately. Eventually my grandmother bought it for me. It was a present, christmas maybe? I was so happy to get that book. I can’t even remember if I read much of it, but it was so exciting at the time and strangely is one of the few clear memories I have of my grandmother.

Vive La France? Debussy, what more can I say. I loved playing his pieces on flute, they’re just so pretty and romantic. Even the ones that are a bit more abstract have a pretty sort of eeriness to them.

Of everything else, how am I going to choose?!


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