Life Without a Smart Phone

So I stupidly went and lost my iphone on the weekend. I also stupidly didn’t have a lock code on my phone so I had to go an change all my Facebook, tumblr and miscellaneous passwords – hope I didn’t forget anything. I’m waiting on a new sim card but I’ve using my little sister’s old phone with a phone number that I can’t remember and no credit. Life’s a little inconvenient without a phone but it’s not the end of the world. I was never really attached to my iphone so I don’t really care that I’m using a ‘dumb’ phone that doesn’t run a bajillion different apps. I also realised I didn’t really use my phone for anything other than checking the weather and train times. Oh, and scrolling mindlessly through Facebook repeatedly while none of my friends replied to my iMessages. Maybe not having a smart phone will do my social life some good. Guess I’ll have to stop awkwardly pretending to be participating in a heated whatsapp conversation to avoid eye contact with all strangers.

In other news, I went on a lovely picnic with a friend from high school yesterday. We made too much food but it was fun to catch up and lament our pathetic lack of social skills. I finally tried a new recipe! I made a rocket, asparagus and tuna salad with dukkah and semi-dried tomatoes which actually turned out pretty good so I was happy 🙂

I’ve also been driving, though not so much running. Looks like I should have my Ps by the end of summer! 😀 Not looking forward to filling out my log book though…

I feel rather disorientated lately. I’m not sure I want to be doing so much uni stuff over this summer. Being at uni every week isn’t really all that fun. I’m forgetting to email back friends, or make plans, or even spend time with my family. There’s just so much stuff to do. I’ve been a little bit overwhelmed and lost as to where to start. It’s like year 12 all over again – feeling guilty about lazing around. Hopefully, blogging about this will actually stop me from whining and just make me get on with things. In fact, I probably don’t have that much stuff to do anyways. I have to do some preparation and study for case competition, prepare lesson places for VCE summer school in Jan next year, fill our my log book, apply for a new passport, catch up on a few issues of the economist, clean my pigsty of a desk, learn to park. Yeah, not all that much. Oh, I might also write a real post soon too.

That’s it for now from my ordinary life. Thanks for reading 🙂


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