One Great Summer Day

It’s been a while since I last posted. I had been meaning to do a post on my holiday in Port Douglas with my family, as well as a end of 2012/start of 2013 post, but I guess I let the unmotivated part of myself get the better of me this time. However, I have been well despite a little bit of sunburn and rather unbearable Melbourne heat.

My holiday in Port Douglas was beautiful and relaxing – the beach house we stayed at was right on the beach, snorkelling was definitely an unforgettable experience but best of all was just spending time with my family.
New Years Eve was also lovely and I brought in the new year watching fireworks with Van from just outside Hamer Hall. I was a little down that night thinking about who I am as a person, and feeling a little bit unlikable for various reasons but it’s okay, I realise not everyone will like me, nor do I need them to. All I need is a recipe for a great day:


– Car full of food and drink, beach towels and tonnes of sunscreen
– 4am alarm
– Ticket to see Les Miserables
– Friends, new and old
– Sleep optional


Night before:
1. Drive alone at night for the first time to visit Lucy and pick up Perks of Being a Wallflower. {Can’t wait to start reading it :D}
2. Go for a drive with Amara to welcome her home from Indo.
3. Pack frantically after speeding home.
4. Arrive at slumber party!
5. Put designated driver to sleep before midnight
6. Stay up watching tacky TV shows or fall asleep hogging the couch

7. Tumble out of living room into car, getting changed along the way
8. Start driving!
9. Stop at 7-eleven for $1 caffeine fix
10. Race sunrise to Sorrento

sorrento sunrise

Enjoying a mushroom cloud of sun rays with Sarah, Tiff, Michelle & John! (Thanks John for the great photo)

11. Arrive to empty Carpark at Sorrento Back Beach, trek to Coppin Lookout.
12. Marvel at the beautiful sunrise, whilst playing Lion King theme.
Nants ingonyama bagithi baba!” blares through iphone speakers as the sun creeps over the horizon.
13. Enjoy breakfast of yoghurt and muesli with the unexpected company of too many flies.
14. Paint ourselves with sunscreen.
15. Spend the rest of the morning exploring rock pools and flailing around while trying to swim through “dangerous” forests of seaweed and kelp.

16. Check time and express amazement at having accomplished so much in just one morning.
17. Leave carpark for lunch, smiling smugly at all the cars just arriving and their futile search for parking spots.
18. Leisurely enjoy lunch of fish and chips and Sorrento’s famous Vanilla Slice.

19. Return to car just in time to avoid parking fine. 😀
20. Proceed to watch Tiff burn her hands on the black leather steering wheel.
21. Begin journey back home.


Climbing over to the rock pools with Michelle & Sarah.

Sorrento Rock Pool

Sitting in a rockpool with Tiff ❤

One of the best mornings I’ve had in ages. Everything just worked out so well – making it just in time for sunrise, finding starfish, crabs and even catfish in the rock pools, finding a park on Sorrento’s main street during the busy lunchtime period. It was so nice to just relax with friends, much like I did up in Port Douglas with the family over our Christmas holiday. We didn’t talk about anything in particular, but I’m glad I’m remembering the joy of simply being in the company of friends and family. 


22. Arrive home and slump into couch.
23. Risk overheating to go upstairs and retrieve macbook.
24. Proceed to idly surf the web and do nothing of importance until accidentally falling asleep.

25. Wake up and realise you are about to be late to the 6pm screening of Les Mis in the city.
26. Attempt to run out of the house, only to be assailed by the 40 degree heat outside and resign yourself to slowly dragging your melting body down to the bus stop, whilst also lamenting your lack of car ownership.

27. Somehow make it to Hoyts in time to see my lovely Mac.Rob girls, despite numerous Metro train related delays and picking up some food and tissues on the way.
28. Sit through a whole heap of amazing trailers before Les Mis finally starts. {Too many good movies to see this summer!!!}
29. Observe Van crying to my left, whilst Angela jokes “Why did Javert kill himself? Do you realise that Jean Valjean lied every time, saying he would only be a few days?” *insert laughter*
30. Thank God that the train home is delayed a few minutes and we manage to run onto the train just in time. {Timing was just perfect yesterday!}

To be honest, I found Les Mis enjoyable but not spectacular as I had expected it to be from all the hype. Anne Hathaway did do amazingly in her role as Fantine, and although I’ve never liked her much as an actress I do respect her extremely hardworking attitude to acting. The story overall just didn’t really resound with me for some reason or other. This time though, I’m quite happy to leave the experience as it is, and not delve into it too much. My day yesterday was far too enjoyable to need superfluous wanky analysis of the hidden messages and themes of Les Mis.  

That’s it from my ordinary life today. I start summer school marketing classes and tutoring at VCE summer school on Monday. Before then though, I will definitely do a 2012/2013 New Year post! Thanks for reading 🙂


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