Belated Goodbye to 2012


First holiday alone with Papa bear
First visit to Taiwan
First Year of BCom at Melbourne University
Joining MUDS
First debating tournament
First visit to New Zealand
First professional interview
First time tutoring & feeling relieved all my students passed!
Joining SIFE/Enactus
First visit to USA
First time on a Segway
First meeting so many amazing people at SIFE World Cup
First time publishing and sharing blog posts publicly
First solo visit to an art gallery
Being accepted into the Auckland Case Competition Team
First practice management case
First time visiting Port Douglas & Cairns
First time snorkelling
First time watching sunrise
First time driving alone on my Ps

I did so many things for the first time this year. I dived into uni life and some how managed to stay afloat with the help of friends and family. I met so many amazing people I can hardly express my awe. I learnt a little bit about myself and how I relate to people – apparently not all that well but I’m working on it! Actually I really suck at it, but that’s a topic for another post.
I felt a little lost and unsure at times. Wondering why I’m not as likeable as the person next to me, why it’s so hard for me to connect with people, questioning if I’ve neglected my friends in favour of my academic and extra curricular pursuits. I’ve probably come across more questions than I’ve answered but I guess life is a little bit sly like that.
I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities I received, all the happenings and people that have stumbled into or stayed in my life, for the feeling that I’ve grown and seen more of the world.

2012 was amazing, but the amazing is not over, the world doesn’t reset just because we’ve said goodbye to the four numbers 2012 and welcomed the number 13 to replace 12. For that reason I didn’t set any new year’s resolutions – I’ll take new goals as the appear. Instead, I hope simply to keep living my life each day better than the last.

Lastly, starting this WordPress has probably been one of the best things I’ve done all year. I had no idea anyone would read my posts, or even enjoy them for that matter and for that I am extremely humbled. I’m setting myself a goal of at least one post a week for 2013, though hopefully more. I thought about focusing my blog on a particular topic or theme, but I’m a bit of everything, so I think I’ll continue to share my ordinary life, stories, poems and opinions.¬†Thank you for reading and being a part of my ordinary life. Happy 2013 guys! (Finally)

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