The End of Another Summer

I’ve been itching to write a post since finishing my marketing exam last thursday but then I managed to get sick for a week and spend most of the week inside recovering with no motivation to do anything at all.

A lot of things have changed since the last time I posted. Life takes you in unexpected directions at times. Almost in the blink of an eye another summer has passed and here goes another year of university adventures.

I’ve decided not to overload this semester, drop my Diploma of Japanese and Japanese studies in general, and pull out of going on exchange to Waseda in the second half of the year. I’d been sitting on this decision for a while but in the end I realised I probably didn’t want to go that badly if every time someone asked me about exchange I’d say I hadn’t decided if I was going yet.

I’m of two minds about semester starting up again. Part of me just wants to stay on holidays for a little longer since I only really had one week of “holidays” spent mostly sick in bed, coughing up my lungs. But then, another part of me can’t wait to get back into classes and doing extra curricular stuff – as a close friend put it ‘coz we nerds.’ It’s not like I have much choice anyways though, classes start next Wednesday and I’ve already got things to do for Enactus since we’re recruiting ( – new position openings are going up soon!). Applications for internships are opening up and I have no excuses now that I’m not going to be on exchange but I do dread writing applications. It can be so very tedious even at the best of times. Invitations to networking events abound but I can hardly muster up the desire to go to any though I suppose I should like a proper commerce student.

I’ve tried to let go of a lot of the stresses that had be bothering me before I went over to New Zealand. I guess I just don’t really have the time to be sad and mean while feeling sorry for my sickly self. It’s probably a good thing though because apparently being case comp and summer school stress made me very snappy and irritable. It’s surprising how confronting it is to hear other people’s opinions or observations about oneself and realising how many things can escape your notice when you’re occupied thinking about one thing or other. I’m just glad I have people in my life willing to put up with my crap in exchange for little more than a bit of love.

After coming home from Auckland I’ve once again confirmed my unconditional love for Melbourne. I had the pleasure of hearing one of the MSO’s summer concerts at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl which was a lovely experience. I missed out on White Night because I was in bed with a fever but I can’t wait for next year’s because I heard it was amazing. I finally saw some of my lovely Macrob girls yesterday for a 5 course brunch which ran as part of the Food & Wine Festival. Melbourne is lovely, there’s no doubt about it.

That’s about all for now from my ordinary life. Thanks for reading 🙂

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