Thailand Week 5: I’m still alive!


Time flies. I’ve now been living alone in Bangkok for 5 weeks; and I swear I’ve made friends. I just like to spend my Friday nights by myself, at home, alone, writing to let you know I am still alive…

On living alone:

I am no domestic goddess. It’s not that I’m bad at doing laundry or cleaning my room; it’s more that I fiercely avoid domestic tasks. In fact, in order to avoid chores, I subconsciously “forget” to buy the things I need to complete these tasks – like dish washing liquid; I’ve had a full set of crockery for over a week now and still haven’t used anything because I keep forgetting to buy stuff to clean dirty dishes with. Aside from the household chores, living alone is heaps of fun. I spend most of my time dancing around in my underwear (probably the best part of living alone), procrastinating my chores, and thinking about leaving my room to “experience Bangkok”, though my lazy anti-social feels usually keep me at home. Actually, it’s a bit like how I live in Melbourne, just with the air-con blasting 24/7.

On life in Bangkok:

The novelty of being in a new place is wearing off, and I’m starting to miss Melbourne a lot more – especially the food, parks and clean drinking water. Life in the centre of Bangkok is a little too noisy, too polluted, and too brightly lit for my spoilt-by-Melbourne soul. Going anywhere seems to involve spending a lifetime waiting in traffic, or clinging on for dear life and filling my lungs with toxic fumes while weaving through traffic on a motorcycle-taxi. Instead of stars, the night sky is filled with pointless spotlights from exorbitantly expensive rooftop bars, brightly coloured LED facades of luxury shopping complexes, and office towers that never sleep. I think I can safely say that Bangkok will never be home; I love Melbourne too much for that. That said, Bangkok is slowly carving out a little niche of affection in my heart – not least for the cheap Thai massages I’ve enjoyed; deliciously spicy, though definitely dirty, street food I got sick from; and all the wonderful, interesting people I’ve met. Another 2 months to go, keep the charm coming Bangkok!

On my non-existent Thai:

It’s embarrassing but my Thai language skills are still ZERO. My survival tactic of making Thai friends, and using them as interpreters wherever I go, seems to have worked a little too well. Even when I’m left to fend for myself, my repeated English phrases and awkward gestures seem to be getting me fed and taxi-ed to the right places…

On unexpected opportunities:

I wrote last month about why I almost didn’t come to Bangkok, but lately I’ve been feeling more and more grateful for the turn of events that lead me here. Before coming, I accepted that I’d probably be doing easy and boring work as a “social media intern,” which was fine since it meant I could live abroad for a while. Luckily though, my role has morphed into more of an internal consultant, and I’ve been given some pretty interesting organisational issues to work on. I’m about to finish up the first ‘project’ of my internship, present my findings to the Partners next week, and start on an even bigger project. As cheesy as it sounds, I really do feel blessed to be here, living abroad, and doing work that might actually make a difference to the company. As always, I’m grateful to my friends and family who always know when I need to be thrown, crying and whining, into the seemingly dark depths of opportunity, so that I can achieve the things they believe me capable of.

That’s all from me; just letting you all know I’m still alive and well. As always, thanks for reading! Much love and affection from Bangkok xx

P.S. Have a video rant about apologising that I vehemently agree with. It’s something that I would have written about myself long ago if I had the discipline to post regularly, but thanks Internet and Hank Green.


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