Cure for Homesickness. Flight.


Just booked a 10 day trip home to Melbourne and am literally bouncing off walls with excitement. I wasn’t originally planning to make a trip home this year, mostly to save the moneys in preparation for being a poor student again next year, but having many lovely visits from Melbourne in the last 2 months has made me really really miss home (super super muchly). So I’ll just be poor next year, no big deal.

Now for all the things I want to do with my times back home:

  • squish my sister to death. roast her rabbit into popcorn rabbit
  • sit and talk about life with papa bear
  • take mama on a road trip, and buy her delicious things to eat, and pamper her
  • eat step-mama’s DUMPLINGS
  • see how much my little monster cousin has grown. food with grandpapa.
  • DRIVE. car car car. avoid stalling. vroom vroom.
  • bouldering! continue transformation into spider-woman
  • sneak into the gym with Teresa. lift things and fail at balance. maybe eat chicken quinoa afterwards too.
  • monopoly and game of thrones at Desmond’s. side dishes: pizza and froyo.
  • day trip to Mt Dandenong. don’t care how cold it is. PIE IN THE SKY. maybe even 1000 steps if I can be bothered.
  • attend to responsible adult things like going to the bank and stuff
  • FOOD & COFFEE. K-BBQ. BEEF & LAMB. cafe hopping. HOT POT. Lucy’s TIRAMISU. PHO at Karolyn’s house. all the delicious things. I am a black hole of gluttony.
  • visit all the friends with pets. steal all the love of their pets. 
  • rug up in winter wear and wander around the city. look at art things at NGV and go shopping for pretty things.
  • road trip down Mornington Peninsula. hot springs. food food. cheese. wine for papa.
  • spend time with as many of my wonderful, amazing, inspiring friends as possible. tell them how much I love them. (a lot, so much, very many)
  • late night dessert on kingsway. drive to places in the dark. dont crash.
  • tram rides. sit where the heating vents warm my legs. 
  • om nom nom nom. nom nom nom nom. be silly and have much fun. 

Melbourne friends be prepared for hugs and food monster and too much of me.

Bangkok friends, let me know if you want anything from Melbourne!

love love love. Cynthia xx.


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