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Optimism, friend or foe?

Hi online world, it’s been a while. I obviously haven’t been blogging once a week like I hoped this year, but things have a been hectic. Exams are nearly over though, so that will be some reprieve. I’m breaking my rule of not posting when I’m feeling angry or upset; but I feel unduly entitled […]


Faces of Sorrow

A sad day, and it is sunny. The world is laughing at your expense. A sad day, and it is raining. The world is adding to your sorrows. A sad day, and the sun is out. The world is offering you some quiet solace. A sad day, and rain is falling. The world is crying […]


Naked, she stood under the benign force of a raging storm; Its warm mist seeps into her broken soul, and the swift rains drown out her silent cries.   Quiet. And the storm has passed; She stares with empty eyes of apprehension into the fading clouds – unsure when they might return.   Laughter: calls […]

The Cliff of Dreams

Uncertainty invites all sorts of monsters into the soul – Fear, irrationality and regret. But perhaps most troubling of all is curiosity – Curiosity of the reckless sort. Quietly, reassuringly you’ll be led to the places of your dreams.   At your feet you’ll see the black sea and the rhythm of deadly waves – […]

Serendipitous Joy

A chance meeting – an old friend passes by, a smile of recognition and we pause. Questions are asked though no one cares for answers, and we continue towards wherever we were going. How strange such encounters should bring joy to our days.

A Missing Heart

Why do some people choose to be alone? Why do they fall so deep that they forget the way out? How does it happen? Do you one day wake up and find you’ve lost your smile? Or does it happen slowly without a sound? What do you do when you discover your walls? And what […]

A Cowardly Friend

I am a cowardly friend, afraid of disappointment and hope. I am a slow burner, afraid of loving so soon. I am the analyst, afraid of impulse, and life without note. I will greedily ask to be loved first, and I might leave you in the cold. I will take too long to see your […]

A Bittersweet Dream

He walks along the gravel path, and sensing his destination is near, he slows down. He begins to listen to the indistinct murmur of his memories. The voices become louder as each struggles to be heard and claim the coveted prize of most important memory. The dull clatter of hoofs becomes clearer as he is […]

A restless emptiness

A gaping emptiness slowly consumes you tonight. It comes fleetingly, from some place unknown. A heavy weight pressing down upon your soul, it feels difficult to breathe. Yet, there is a certain ethereal quality, and you wonder if it is no more than a figment of the imagination – something born out of needless fears […]


“You’ve gotta seem like confidence is flowing out of your ass. Seriously, fake it until you make it.” I walk in with these words in my mind. I start visualising a strange coloured energy flowing from my backside. It’s a little bit uncomfortable to be honest. Fluorescent yellow is a surprisingly jarring kind of colour. […]