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hiatus over.

Hello? Is anyone still here? I know I said in my last post to stay tuned for further updates about a shiny new blog I had planned. Well, those particular plans didn’t quite come together. BUT, two and half years later, I finally have a (shiny?) new blog over at My first post is […]

Rediscovering Artist Courage

On why I haven’t written for so long, and the future of this blog and my writing.

Hello, Stranger.

A farewell letter to the stranger inside of me.

Bangkok Life Processes

On homesickness, finding my feet in Bangkok, and living fully.

Self Compassion and Mindfulness

on self-compassion, mindfulness and being a good communicator

Queen Victoria Market

Back home, for now.

On moving to Bangkok, the travels of 2014, and growing into 2015

Stories about Me

On long distance, Bangkok, and writing to live.

Much love and affection from my travels

On writing postcards and loving London

An Attempt at Eloquence

So, it’s been a while, a long while. It’s rather difficult to start writing again once you’ve stopped – there’s just so many things one could write about; and it’s always the case that I want my posts to be perfectly balanced – a little truth, a little fiction, with a pinch of unsolicited wisdom. Perhaps […]

Up in the Air

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I last blogged… So very sorry to anyone with expectations of me. Life has gotten a little hectic, and the inner perfectionist in me won’t let me post things I have edited 50 times over. But in attempt to punish that inner perfectionist, here are some quick, haphazardly […]