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SF from Alcatraz

Merry Christmas from San Francisco!

So I know I said I’d do some real posts, but I not so conveniently fell ill after landing in San Francisco last Saturday. All I offer is a disjointed list about San Francisco. San Francisco List: Steep Hills, the mini roller-coaster edition Clam Chowder at the Pier. Funky coloured houses. Every colour you can […]


The Subconscious Feminist

I actually first wrote this post at 4.30am a few days back, but wordpress failed me and I lost the entire post. I was too annoyed to write it all again so here is a half version.  I’ve been sitting on this thing, a pretty big thing. I made the excuse that it was never […]

Alive or Living?

Hello world, it’s been a while since I last posted. I’m still alive if you were wondering. I’ve just been a little bit all over the place lately. My head hasn’t quite been in the right place to blog so I’m going to write this post to clear my mind a little. Real content soon! […]

Monet’s Garden: Still Breathing

Some thoughts on Monet’s Garden now that the exhibition is over. I visited Monet’s Garden for the second time last Thursday morning. This time I went alone and there were so many more people. The quite din of cultured conversation hummed throughout the gallery as people entered the paintings around me. There was no space […]

Finding and Following My Dreams

It’s been far too long since my last post. Other things that need attending to always seem to crop up. Even if that is just lying in bed for a morning in paralysis over where to begin dealing with all the things on my mind.  Before this semester started, I had about half a week […]

Optimism, friend or foe?

Hi online world, it’s been a while. I obviously haven’t been blogging once a week like I hoped this year, but things have a been hectic. Exams are nearly over though, so that will be some reprieve. I’m breaking my rule of not posting when I’m feeling angry or upset; but I feel unduly entitled […]

My Dream of Becoming a Sponge

I think they call this procrastination. I have an interview to write up for the lovely blog of 85 Broads Unimelb but instead I want to write a little dream. Today, I had one those afternoons where I felt, in the words of a dear friend, like a fly squished against a dusty window. The […]

FREEDOM! (sort of)

WOOHOO. I just emailed off my submission for the Bus of Books case competition run by SAMM. That tops off a week of non-stop deadlines, where I submitted assignments worth 20% of my combined final grade in just 7 days! I haven’t slept that much so I should probably take a nap now before I […]

Struggle Town

I am struggling. I have a billion things to do and I should be asleep but I need to write out this stress. In the next week I have 3 assignments due, a submission for The Melbourne Globalist, a marketing case, things to chase up on for Nationals. I’m interning twice a week at the […]

The Fork in the Road

As always I’m behind in most of my classes so I should be studying on my day off but I’ve been itching to blog all weekend.  Not sure how to start this post; there’s just so much excitement and uncertainty. Perhaps I’ll start with what I’ve been doing lately. But before I start, something interesting since […]