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Rediscovering Artist Courage

On why I haven’t written for so long, and the future of this blog and my writing.

Self Compassion and Mindfulness

on self-compassion, mindfulness and being a good communicator

Stories about Me

On long distance, Bangkok, and writing to live.

Thailand Week 1: I made it!

On settling into Bangkok, not speaking Thai, making friends, and silly fears

Alive or Living?

Hello world, it’s been a while since I last posted. I’m still alive if you were wondering. I’ve just been a little bit all over the place lately. My head hasn’t quite been in the right place to blog so I’m going to write this post to clear my mind a little. Real content soon! […]

My Dream of Becoming a Sponge

I think they call this procrastination. I have an interview to write up for the lovely blog of 85 Broads Unimelb but instead I want to write a little dream. Today, I had one those afternoons where I felt, in the words of a dear friend, like a fly squished against a dusty window. The […]

FREEDOM! (sort of)

WOOHOO. I just emailed off my submission for the Bus of Books case competition run by SAMM. That tops off a week of non-stop deadlines, where I submitted assignments worth 20% of my combined final grade in just 7 days! I haven’t slept that much so I should probably take a nap now before I […]

The Fork in the Road

As always I’m behind in most of my classes so I should be studying on my day off but I’ve been itching to blog all weekend.  Not sure how to start this post; there’s just so much excitement and uncertainty. Perhaps I’ll start with what I’ve been doing lately. But before I start, something interesting since […]

Unexpected Sunshine

I know it’s been a while and I do have a New Zealand post drafted but this morning I feel like rambling a little bit.  About half a year ago I wrote the post Sunshine Storing. It was just a little thought about the unexpected happenings of life – the good happenings. I’d wondered if […]

Summer Doubts

I feel a little bit guilty posting because I should be sleeping, or studying or preparing for Auckland, but I think I might implode if I don’t write something.  My summer has been rather disappointing to be honest. Perhaps disappointing isn’t the word, but I don’t feel as though I’ve really enjoyed my holidays. It […]