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Summer Doubts

I feel a little bit guilty posting because I should be sleeping, or studying or preparing for Auckland, but I think I might implode if I don’t write something.  My summer has been rather disappointing to be honest. Perhaps disappointing isn’t the word, but I don’t feel as though I’ve really enjoyed my holidays. It […]

A Cowardly Friend

I am a cowardly friend, afraid of disappointment and hope. I am a slow burner, afraid of loving so soon. I am the analyst, afraid of impulse, and life without note. I will greedily ask to be loved first, and I might leave you in the cold. I will take too long to see your […]

The Rules of Change

How does one change themselves without losing themselves in the process? I just finished writing a rather unstructured letter to a close friend of mine and I found myself writing about what I might somewhat melodramatically dub “my quarter life identity crisis.” It happened so gradually and subconsciously that I didn’t notice it at all. […]