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Queen Victoria Market

Back home, for now.

On moving to Bangkok, the travels of 2014, and growing into 2015

Thailand Week 5: I’m still alive!

On dancing in my underwear, breathing pollution, my growing affection for Bangkok, still not speaking Thai, and achieving more than I expected.

Thailand Week 1: I made it!

On settling into Bangkok, not speaking Thai, making friends, and silly fears

Much love and affection from my travels

On writing postcards and loving London

SF from Alcatraz

Merry Christmas from San Francisco!

So I know I said I’d do some real posts, but I not so conveniently fell ill after landing in San Francisco last Saturday. All I offer is a disjointed list about San Francisco. San Francisco List: Steep Hills, the mini roller-coaster edition Clam Chowder at the Pier. Funky coloured houses. Every colour you can […]


Love from Paris

A small bit of something, that might be something more like a story. I’m not sure. I’ve written a few more paragraphs, but might let them sit for a while. The plane lands. She looks outside her window. It has just begun to snow. She breathes a small fog patch onto the window, and draws […]