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Rediscovering Artist Courage

On why I haven’t written for so long, and the future of this blog and my writing.

Thailand Week 5: I’m still alive!

On dancing in my underwear, breathing pollution, my growing affection for Bangkok, still not speaking Thai, and achieving more than I expected.

Thailand Week 1: I made it!

On settling into Bangkok, not speaking Thai, making friends, and silly fears

Much love and affection from my travels

On writing postcards and loving London

Monet’s Garden: Still Breathing

Some thoughts on Monet’s Garden now that the exhibition is over. I visited Monet’s Garden for the second time last Thursday morning. This time I went alone and there were so many more people. The quite din of cultured conversation hummed throughout the gallery as people entered the paintings around me. There was no space […]


My Dream of Becoming a Sponge

I think they call this procrastination. I have an interview to write up for the lovely blog of 85 Broads Unimelb but instead I want to write a little dream. Today, I had one those afternoons where I felt, in the words of a dear friend, like a fly squished against a dusty window. The […]

FREEDOM! (sort of)

WOOHOO. I just emailed off my submission for the Bus of Books case competition run by SAMM. That tops off a week of non-stop deadlines, where I submitted assignments worth 20% of my combined final grade in just 7 days! I haven’t slept that much so I should probably take a nap now before I […]

Faces of Sorrow

A sad day, and it is sunny. The world is laughing at your expense. A sad day, and it is raining. The world is adding to your sorrows. A sad day, and the sun is out. The world is offering you some quiet solace. A sad day, and rain is falling. The world is crying […]


Naked, she stood under the benign force of a raging storm; Its warm mist seeps into her broken soul, and the swift rains drown out her silent cries.   Quiet. And the storm has passed; She stares with empty eyes of apprehension into the fading clouds – unsure when they might return.   Laughter: calls […]

The Cliff of Dreams

Uncertainty invites all sorts of monsters into the soul – Fear, irrationality and regret. But perhaps most troubling of all is curiosity – Curiosity of the reckless sort. Quietly, reassuringly you’ll be led to the places of your dreams.   At your feet you’ll see the black sea and the rhythm of deadly waves – […]