Cynthia, 20s. Melbourne to Bangkok

A girl looking for words to describe where she wants to go, and who she wants to be.

What I’m doing, and why I’m writing:

I’ve always loved reading, and relished the ability for words to be turned into something greater than the sum of their parts. I love exploring ideas, emotions and stories and am constantly looking for new ways to look at the world. I’ve always written for myself as a means of dealing with and sometimes escaping from my own thoughts and feelings, but keeping these words locked away in the lonely pages of my diary started to feel like I was trying to hide part of me.

I started writing this blog as a way to rediscover myself, and keep alive my love of all things arts and humanities whilst studiously completing my Bachelor of Commerce. It’s been an interesting journey so far as I share my life with perfect strangers and even the people I know in real life – triumphs, setbacks, fears and all.

What better place to stare into the depths of my own soul, and experiment in finding my passions, than in the beautiful abyss that is the internet?

What I’ve found so far:

The world is a beautiful place. People are crazy, but that doesn’t make them any less deserving of love. I am limited but my dreams are not. People have the potential to change to world if only they are given the chance to speak and be heard, and to move forward one small step at a time. I am learning slowly to show love and trust towards the people I cherish. The world is not black and white, only fear stops us from seeing it in colour. Trust, forgiveness, love are not things to be earned but to be given. Truth is but a perception and a belief which we can never be sure of.

You do not have to be completely self-less and magnanimous to want to make a change in the world. I am no more generous or kind than the person next door. The challenges of social change and justice interest me beyond the ephemeral impacts I can individually make in people’s life. Social entrepreneurship, innovation and progress are all pieces of a constantly evolving puzzle with no answer. I believe in a world where everyone can find happiness, but where the map to happiness is not indoctrinated and rather we are all given the skills and opportunities to write our own maps.

Join me as I ponder the journey that is life through books, films, charity, politics and dreams.


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