On top of Melbourne!

ImageI don’t really have anything to post, but I’m on Eureka Skydeck and have an hour to kill so I thought this would be a perfect time to blog about how my holidays have started off.

I’m struggling to choose subjects for exchange to Waseda University, though I can barely contain my excitement at the prospect of being an arts student for a semester. I’m trying to get a heap of literature and international politics subjects approved along with Japanese subjects of course – commerce subjects in Japanese? no thank you. The stressful process of subject selection has once again reminded me that as fun as an arts degree might have been I would have no clue what majors to pick. Within my commerce degree I’ve contemplated changing majors, and actually changed majors way too many times with only majors to choose from. I can’t imagine how many times I’d change my mind if I was taking an arts degree.

I still haven’t put in an application for The Melbourne Globalist. I think my lack of editorial experience is putting me off but I finally wrote my cover letter this morning and just need to update my CV to submit tonight!

I’ve started training for the Auckland Case Competition I’ll be attending in January. It’s going to be an intense 2 months preparation but I’m really excited to sponge up lots and lots of knowledge and get to know my team better as well. I’ve decided to do Principles of Marketing over the summer term so I probably won’t be able to travel at all in New Zealand apart from around Auckland for a day or two. Everyone tells me Auckland is boring, but hopefully I can find something fun to do.

I’ve started running again, finally. It’s been a struggle getting myself out of bed in the morning to go for a run and sometimes I wimp out and keep sleeping. But when I do actually go for a run they end up being quite refreshing, though running is a lot more tiring than I remember it being. I’m hoping to be able to run 10k by the end of summer, but I’m not too sure I’ll make it. We’ll see.

In terms of my other summer goals, I’m still pretty stupid at driving manual so I’m pretty sure I’ll wimp out and take my driving test in auto but I will definitely get my licence this summer! I visited an art gallery alone last week, and I also watched a movie alone for the first time. I haven’t really started on my summer reading list yet, though I do have some of the books at home. I’m trying to get copies of The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Life of Pi so I can read them before watching the movies. I’ve been slowly getting through Kafka by the Shore in Japanese. It makes me feel like I haven’t learnt any Japanese at all, but it’s alright I don’t expect to fully understand the novel or even finish reading it this summer.

I went tutor training day yesterday for UMSU VCE Summer School. It was actually pretty useful though I’m still terrified of teaching a whole class of pre-VCE teenagers – what if they don’t like me?

I’ve been catching up with a lot of friends and making plans to see some more. I’m someone who enjoys spending time one-on-one with my friends, or at most in small groups so I’ve been busy most days trying to get my friends to make time for just me. It’s been really nice to catch up with friends I haven’t seen all year, especially those who don’t go to Melbourne Uni. All this going out and eating out has put a hole in my wallet though, especially since I’ve stopped tutoring for the year and don’t have a summer job.

I think that’s all from my ordinary life for now 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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