Incoherent exam brain

I’m not quite sure where this post is going, but I really want to blog so here are some mundane things about my life. 

Things that have happened since I last blogged:

– I sat two exams that I don’t particularly care to discuss.
– Four more years! High-fives for Obama at the library with Lisa 😀
Though I should mention, I thought Romney made a very gracious concession speech, and I’m not particularly a fan of the gloating that’s going around (mostly by people who aren’t even American voters). Despite the fact that I disagree with most, if not all, Republican policies I still believe that Romney and Ryan deserve some credit for representing conservative views which actually do exist, even if only to the extent that they managed to illicit horrified reactions from the rest of the world, a la the viral tumblr post of the poll below:

– I had a talk over lunch with my friend who is the biggest finance fanatic ever and have decided to drop my finance major. I really just needed someone to walk me through what I already knew – that finance wasn’t for me. Management here I come!
– I’m contemplating NaNoWriMo after a phone call with my dear Christine, but I’m a bit apprehensive about it because the thought of writing myself into words is a little bit scary and confronting.
– I’ve been telling at least one person I love them each day, and it’s been nice – it’s reminded me that I am loved as well. Also, people are all kinds of awesome – corny, punny, talented, bubbly and witty.
– I’ve made lots of plans to see people I love and eat delicious Melbourne food.

Things I’m looking forward to:
– Movie date with my best friend at Chaddy, and hopefully getting my iphone fixed as well.
– Intouchables with Christine and maybe a write-in
– Lunch dates and dinner dates with many of my dearest friends
– Applying for The Melbourne Globalist and exchange to Waseda!
– Dinner at The Sharing House with my high school Japanese class and teacher! 楽しみ〜
– Meeting my case comp team who I will be training all summer and then going to Auckland with!
– Enactus/SIFE end of year dinner and debrief with my lovely stepping stones team!
– VCE Summer School Tutor camp!
– Day trip with mother dearest for her birthday
– Making plans to see all my friends who aren’t at Melbourne Uni
– Buying tickets to MSO’s 2013 season!
– Manual driving lessons! & hopefully my P’s at the end of that.
– Christmas in Cairns with the family

Things I’m not looking forward to:
– EXAMS, I’m too scared to start studying for macro because I’ve got too much to do before Tuesday.

Wow, that’s a pretty long list, but it reassures me I have made enough plans to ensure I will have a life after exams. I also want to add to my summer bucket list, so I’m looking for suggestions!



  1. I thought 51% of Chinese supported Romney over Obama? Or just another poll.. So many polls, so little truth.

    1. well the point is, most of the world loves Obama, well the internet world anyways.

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